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the gal behind the glasses

"I am a dandelion, I am forever wild."  -Antje Duvekot

marian (she/her)

67% cats

23% dark lipstick

10% forgetting a coat
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Marian is a thirty-something, self-proclaimed disaster, who gave up on trying to find her "place", and simply started creating  her own. 


She is... an artist, a teacher, a force.

A de-café-enated chapstick addict, Marian is not your typical, well, anything... but she has ideas, and plans, and a stubbornness that seems to bring them to fruition. 

Having worked enough odd jobs to officially be classified as a renaissance woman (cook, orthoses technician, candle manufacturer, etc.), Marian continually uses her talents to affect change in the world. She has held many positions mentoring youth, coordinating large-scale events, and leading organizations. She has co-founded her own company, successfully rebranded a local nonprofit organization, and has even managed to bake a halfway decent macaron. 


She is passionate about creating connections in our ever-isolating world, encouraging others to dare, and to try, and strives to bring a sense of creativity and humanity into every project she takes on. 

A self-proclaimed dork, Marian adores the chattering of wind chimes and crickets, the satisfying crunch of an autumn leaf, and the words “dilapidation,” “clavicle,” “doily,” and “ruckus”. 


Some things which bring her joy: new crayons, genuine smiles, Ticonderoga pencils, ice-covered branches, Converse, collecting art, family dinners, getting new glasses, carousels, and great hugs.

Putting pen to paper,

pointer to key.

Because there's more to life than left-adjusted Helvetica.

The act of giving back.

That which keeps me sane,

and smiling.

graphic artist, writer, entrepreneur 
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